All the Birds! And Newborns

Swainson’s Thrush, with his beautiful spiraling flute-like song, began singing among the Willows this past weekend. The time of his singing is relatively short, heralding the start of summer. Listen to his otherworldly and gorgeous song here.

The does are beginning to birth their fawns. Andy startled one that must have been almost newborn when he was mowing the front field. We trust its mother was nearby and quickly reunited with it.

Please, if you see a fawn by itself, leave it alone! Its mother is nearby, waiting for you to leave. A fawn will “freeze,” heartbeat dropping to quite slow if it feels threatened. Having little scent, this is its way of protecting itself from dogs, coyotes, other harm. Its mother is grazing somewhat nearby (as a nursing mom, she’s hungry!) but away from her fawn so as not to draw danger to it. Leave the fawn alone, and she’ll return to her baby soon enough.

Newborns abound. This evening as we were driving just south of Vashon Center, we were startled to see a Mama Mallard and a parade of 6-7 ducklings heading north along the bike lane. May you and your family stay safe, Mama Mallard!

What new life have you spotted in your neighborhood?

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