Happy Fourth Of July

Ah, it’s a lovely cooler morning after the heat of earlier in the week. Flags fly in town. Andy and I walked to our new favorite bakery/cafe, Snapdragon.  We picked up some delicious pastries–a chocolate croissant, blueberry cinnamon swirl, and blueberry muffin–and brought them home to share, and to enjoy with our cubanos (an espresso drink made with two shots of espresso, a little brown sugar, and a little steamed milk). Just plain yum.

These days all of us working on the art of espresso making. Andy, who devoted himself to espresso making years ago, is coaching the rest of us in techniques he learned from Seattle espresso expert, David Schomer via his book Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques. We’re playing with the idea of hosting an espresso jam later in the summer.

We rounded out our breakfast at home with some duck egg-cheese-and-garlic omelets (thank you, Jazz, Unicron, and Hazelnut for laying the delicious eggs!). I enjoyed some toasted hazelnut sourdough bread, a new favorite, baked at Snapdragon.

Tonight of course we have fireworks to look forward to–our own, purchased from the stand down by the old Sound Food Restaurant–and also by way of the extravaganza at Quartermaster Harbor.

In the meantime, I’m tending to herbs I’ve dried, packaging up Spearmint, Sage, Chamomile, Red Clover, Violets (Johnny Jump-Ups) and Evening Primrose from the garden. I’m also working on my book, finishing up a chapter overhaul. I aim to have the manuscript complete by July 27, when we’ll be hosting a special Book Preview+Birthday Celebration event here at Plain Old Farm. Details coming soon!

Happy Fourth!

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