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QuackStar was a funny duck.  He decided to join our family on May 31, 2009.  We were pretty startled when a day old duckling ran up to us!  We quickly became good friends.  He would follow us around the house, … Continue reading

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A beautiful day!

Today was a perfect day to take pictures.  The photos I took were so clear and bright that I didn’t need to use any filters to enhance the color! Chipmunk and Help hang out. Lord Firestar.  This picture is beautiful!

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Poultry show!

We went to a poultry show today!  Here are a few of the millions of pictures I took! This Call duck was adorable! A true Ameraucana (bantam)! She was very interested and alert. Lovely to see. I just loved this … Continue reading

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Yikes! Yikes is wise and funny.  She likes pecking shoes. Snowneck! One of the biggest, Snowneck has a deep, grumbling voice and a huge appetite! She’s sweet and gentle, too! Cutie-Pie! She’s huge and strong! Her ambition is to hatch … Continue reading

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Okay, this blog is looking good! Time to write something!

After some very basic customizing, I think it’s time to tell you a little about my birds!  I have 14 hens ( if I did the math right!) and one adorable rooster.  I also had a duck for a while … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Launching…Plain Old Chickens at Plain Old Farm!

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